Why Headdesk?

I know there’s people out there who are going to ask – why “Headdesk”? Or, better yet: “What’s a ‘headdesk’?”

Talk to any writer and they will tell you that writing is HARD. You know that image you might have seen of an author calmly drinking coffee at a well-lit desk by a sunny window, looking out onto a grove of trees? Yeah. That’s not a thing. Or if it is a thing, it’s a thing only one in a million authors get to do. Most writers live their lives in a constant state of near-panic.

Because writing rarely works as a day job, so you’re trying to find time to fit it in around your already-crazy schedule. And then the writer’s block starts, and the formatting on Word goes haywire, and you can’t figure out how to get the picture where you want it on your WordPress blog. 

Hence: Head, meet desk.

Despite all of that, I have to say – I wouldn’t trade having the writing bug for anything in the world.

Not by Sight: The Story of Joseph is coming in 2022!

Beloved. Brilliant. Despised. Joseph had his father’s favor, but to his brothers, that was the ultimate crime. Now sold into Egypt as a slave and with nothing left to turn to, Joseph asks himself if there is any truth to the stories of his father’s God.

Not By Sight is a Biblically and historically accurate retelling of the story of Joseph, his brothers, and his coat from the book of Genesis.

Coming in 2022, published by WordCrafts Press!

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